Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Louder louder And we'll run for our lives,Slower slower We don't have time for that

Amazing photos from my favorite photographer Roger Weber. The whole running theme seems to match my current life. Its like I am rushing everywhere and I am doing heaps of different things:) Well its not always easy to compete with time. So far so good :)
I just can´t wait exactly in three weeks I will be in NYC!!! jiihaaaaa

The wonderful electric feel. Thank you so much!

gave me this award.
You really should check her blog it's something special!
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I am gonna pass this award to


Hanna said...

ahhh NYC. se on kyllä unelma! varmaan kyllä hienoa päästä sinne, mutta voin luvata meneväni itsekkin haha. voi kiitti tuosta<3

Luna Supernova said...

ahhh! thankyou so much, i'm in a rush right now but i'm very excited to do this as soon as i get back from my lectures, it's such a pretty award too!

Frank&Remy said...

Roger is doing one hell of a good job once again! One of my top favorite photographers as well

filthy lust said...

thank you love, i'm so jealous you are going to new york!

brittany said...

amaaaaaaaazing photos

LoveMore said...

oh darling! thank you so much for this award ! i will include it in a post asap :) too kind of you. thanks again!

oh and these action shots are awesome, love the city shots!
xxxx LM

Stompface said...

ohh toooo sweet. thank you for the lovely award little lady. i too think that your blog is fabulous!!!


THE BAT said...

aww thank you so much!