Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Heartbreak, cigarettes and songs, with a winter's chafe

Yesterdays outfit: Ballerinas: French Sole,shiny leggings and top from: Gina Tricot, Shirt: H&M: men´s section ( bought couple of years ago)
I know you guys must miss more my personal posts and in the future I am gonna put more effort to them but the past two months I´ve been working a lot. Today is my day off and I am going to Helsinki with a friend and tomorrow I will be helping out in a golf tournament. So for sure I will post pictures from these events. Hope you all had a good one!



leflassh. said...

you look so cute!!

stephanie said...

g r e a t outfit lady :) <3 xx

filthy lust said...

very nice!

mice said...

really cute outfit! (:


C..... said...


Why is your photo named after a Kings of Leon - Taper Jean Girl lyric????