Sunday, May 31, 2009


Getting my diploma! Oh and by the way my graduation speech went really well. I was a bit nervous but still it went really well:)

Teacher congratulating the students

After the ceremony we took heaps of photos outside. As u can see the weather was absolutely perfect!

Daddy,me and my mum!

Those girls in the pictures are my little sisters:)

Some how I really like this picture:) Its very honest don´t you think?

Me and my friends toasting for my academic career:D

Bunch of my friends gathered to my place to start the after-party and somehow there are couple of people missing from these party crew:)

Haha:) Let´s dance! We kind of practiced our moves before leaving to the real after-party in Kaivohuone.

So like can you see I pretty much spend the whole weekend by just having fun:) Today I went to the beach with couple of my friends and while me and my friend were waiting in the ice cream line we were interviewed by radio channel Yle-X! Haha so if anyone heard any girl called Erika talking about ice cream or about the fantastic weather it was me:D


Friday, May 29, 2009

"What's the day?" "Whats you doing?" "How's your food?" "How's that song?"

Tomorrows the graduation day! Very exciting
The entire house is tip top clean,the yard looks so pretty, the fridge and cooler are stocked with champagne,cider,beer and wines, my clothes,accessories,make-up are ready to be worn. Now I just gotta get my beauty sleep and in the morning 7 o´clock I am gonna shower, do my make-up and 8 o´clock I am have appointment with a hairdresser and 10.15 I gotta be at the school for the very last time:)

Heaps of pictures will be posted soon as I´ve recovered from the all night long partying:)


Fireworks by Animal Collective has been stuck in my head the entire day! Not a bad thing though,it´s a hell of a good song!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

I've been waiting for a guide to come and take me by the hand..

My very first own dream flat would look something like this...

Some of my books would be on display like always. Furthermore I would always have fresh flowers in my apartment. I love flowers, when I was a little girl I actually used all my weekly allowance to buy flowers to my mum. I did this for couple of years:D

My long necklaces would be used as decorations as well.
I have this kind of thing already in my room.

I´ve already invested into a heaps of different kind of frames and when I get my own flat I am gonna fill the whole place with them and photos that I´ve taken over the years. This has been my plan ever since I can remeber

Every girls dream would be to have a very own closet for clothes but I am realistic so I am just planning to have a nice shelf for all of my shoes & bags. Currently my shoes are all over the house!

In my future flat I wanna have my cd:s, magazines and book nicely organised. I am a girl who loves music and I am definitely gonna make a room for this hobby of mine.

My big sister has this cutest shelf which is actually an gap in the wall. Its so cute and I wan´t to have one in my apartment too.

This is what my dream kitchen would look like. A bit messy but still oh artsy. Specially I would like to have an apartment with brick wall.

Do you guys have these kinds of pictures in your head about your future apartment?


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

She had the most amazing....

Its time to share with you about my new xtreme lashes!
I just absolutely love them. I´ve had them now for couple of days and I just gotta say they´ve made my morning routines much more easier.

It took little bit more than 2 hours to have the whole two rows done but it definitely was worth it! The treatment wasn´t too bad but I just have little problems relaxing cause currently I am stressing about heaps of things. But my best friend told me that she fell a sleep when she had her lashes done today. Anyways xtreme lashes is the original lash extension treatment but now ever since it has gotten very popular there are lot of different variation of this treatment. But this is the very best one.The lashes are attached with a special glue a few milimeters from the beam of the lashes and you can decide yourself what kind of lashes do you want to have. For example if you wanna have longer or thicker. I chose longer 12mm long lashes.So now my lashes are almost twice as long as they used to be! Yey:) And I don´t have to refill my lashes until like 5 weeks if I keep these in good condition.

After the session I had to avoid not to wet my lashes cause then my glue wouldn´t dry thoroughly. Also I had to sleep on my back the first night but these are just little things.
If you have any guestion about my new Bambi lashes I am more than happy to answer:)

By the way you would be amazed how many celebrities have Xtreme lashes.
Just to mention some Katherine McPhee,Rebecca Romijn ( Ugly Betty actress),Nicolette Sheridan ( Desperate Housewives, Anne Lynne McGord ( Naomi in 90210).

Vielä pieni selostus suomeksi näistä mun uusista Xtreme lashes:istä. Elikkäs mulla on nyt tälläset ihanat ripsenpidennykset.Kävin maanantaina laittamas tälläiset läheisessä kauneushoitolassa. Kyseisten ripsien laitto kesti mulla kesti koko rivin laitta sellaset reilut 2 ja puol tuntii. Se voi sitten 2h paikeilla mutta kun mulla näitä lyhyitä omia ripsiä riitti niin paljon. Hoitokäynnin alussa omat ripset mitattiin ( mun omat on noin 7-8mm) ja kun itse halusin luonnollisen näköisiä pidempiä ripsiä niin mulle päätettiin sitten laittaa 12 mm ripsiä. Niitä sitten liimalla kiinniteltiin parin mm. päähän mun omista ripsistä. Parin tunnin lepäilyn jälkeen mun tylsät omat ripset oli sitten muuntautunu täydellisiksi räpyti räpyti Bambi ripsiksi:D
Ekana päivän ei ripsiä saa kastella,ei saa käydä uimassa solkussa jne. Sekä ekä yö ripsien kanssa piti nukkua selällään. Mutta nyt parin päivän jälkeen ei pahemmin tartte niitä varoa. Joka aamu vaan harjaan ne ripsiharjalla kuosiin ja silmienmeikin poistoaine meni kanssa vaihtoon (ei saa käyttää öljypohjaisia tuotteita) ja ripsari roskikseen:D Että sellast uutta tännepäin. Toivottavasti teiän alkuviikko on sujunu hvyin. Mä lähen nyt treenaamaan mun puhetta lauantait varten... En vieläkään osaa sitä ulkoa:D


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Now it's said and done, so say goodbye to the people we don't know. Go back to sleep and lets sail away to the beaches, now it's said and done, so nev

Yej, my Lipsy order finally arrived today! I bought these two dresses. The first one I am planning to wear this Saturday for the graduation after-party and the second one is just a basic dress for the nice summer days.

I adore the top part of the dress.I think its very Stella McCartneyish,don´t you think?

This second dress is perfect for summer. Already last year I was looking for this kind of dress but I couldn´t find one with such a nice cut and pattern.
So here were my shoppings for this month.


Monday, May 25, 2009

cause if I find If I find my own way How much will I find

Don´t you just love this black&white pictures! I love this girls hair and eyes:)
By the way today I got these xtreme lashes done1 ! I never done anything fake or anything to do with extensions but I just gotta say my lashes rocks at the moment!! Tomorrow when I have more time I am gotta tell you more about this new thing!


Currently listening to: In the sun- Michael Stripe with Chris Martin

Saturday, May 23, 2009

The One and Only:

Finnish supermodel Suvi Koponen:

Vogue Italy May 2009

She is the only Finnish model that I actually admire. Her career started from a Finnish television show called Modelschool. She won the competition and got signed for the best modeling agency in Finland Paparazzi. But her international career really started when she was discovered by Paul Rowland. Then he called to Miuccia Prada and told that " I got a new star for you".
Fashion Weeks during the Fall/Winter 06/07 she walked all the majour runways.

Now she is pretty much everywhere from international catwalks to Vogues editorials. Not bad and the thing I love about her the most is that she is so versatile.

I was trying to think other great finnish models but personally I don´t think any Finnish young girls are even close to the level that Suvi is. Still I highly suggest that you people keep on I of the Brand model managements upcoming talents. ( For example Ann-Marie has a heaps of potential of becoming internationally famous model)


Hope you all are having a fabulous weekend

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Trouble is a friend

This is how I spent my 20th birthday:

6 hours of studying these!

I had coffee with my beautiful friend. Some of you might now her blog: Leoonas

In the beginning of the evening I went to my favorite restaurant with Senni. The food and the company that I had are always really good:)

Here is my darling friend enjoying of the wonderful food!

After dinner we walked little bit in my favorite part of the city: Punavuori.

Then we walked to my car a drove home.

Because the weather was so good we decided to pay a little visit to Westendii

--and we took heaps of pictures:D

Haha :) I was imitating Senni! She was so cute when she was taking pictures<3

Our cute shoes. Senni´s ballerinas are from Steve Madden and mine are from Bianco.

Here are some of the birthday presents that I got: Chloe perfume,Chanel nailpolish,Coconut shower cream,body scrub and a lip butter.

Also I got some underwear,new watch,martini glass and so on:)

Now I gotta get back to my books and the room needs some serious cleaning!! But so far my day has been pretty productive. I´ve studied a bit and I finally made my graduation speech!! I am so relieved about that now I got one thing less to stress about:)