Tuesday, December 30, 2008

She doesn´t believe in shooting stars but she believes in shoes and cars

Todays outfit: Black ripped jeans, white t-shirt from GinaTricot
I ripped these jeans like couple of weeks ago and I really like them. Even when my little sister and her boyfriend keep telling me that I look like some stupid emo kid. I personally think that they just don´t know anything about clothes!! What do u think?
I got my inspiration from Leflassh, Linn Gustafson (swedish blogger) and from Erin Wasson!

Monday, December 29, 2008


I´ve been pretty busy lately! I´ve been working and studying and all that kind of borring stuff therefore there haven´t been showing pics that I have taken. But yesterday I had day of and I read the second book of the Twilight series ( Iam totally hooked with the whole serie like everyone else). Between my reading session I went movies with a friend. We saw the Rachel Getting Married it was really good. I think that Anne Hatheway was really good and the whole plot was amazing ( if u like odd movies like me).
We also did some great planning for our trip to New York and ofcourse we had to do some shopping. I bought just one nice top from H&M (saving for the trip)
Thats about it.. Iam gonna continue reading the third book now and I have to go sleep really early.Tomorrow I have to start to work at 6 A.M!! Is anyone else of u bloggers hooked with the Twilight books??


Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Beach

I really miss sunshine, warm weathers and the beautiful sea in those wonderful distant countries! I really think that it´s not normal that some northern countries like Finland have to survive without no sun for many months! ( and if it shines its just for couple of hours)
Maybe I should apply to some Aussi unis?

Friday, December 26, 2008

Best from Red Carpet 2008

At least I would absolutely want to wear any of these great pieces! I totally drawling after the Gwyneths Balmain dress,Lauren Conrads white dress and Mischa´s whole military look combained with flothy long white dress! Definitely I would love to wear something like this in New Years Eve!!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Love is all around

Merry X-mas to everyone! Hope u all got some cool presents! I got set of dishes,films and that kind of normal stuff! But my absolutely favourite present was that my dad promised to pay my hotel for my trip to New York! Jippii! Next week me and my friend are going to buy the tickets!!

Here are some of my favourite love inspired photos from Le love blog and the last photos is of Blair & Chuck! Aren`t they pretty!

Love Erika

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

J`taime Paris

Once again I found myself admiring french styled photoshoots! I just absolutely love the sophisticated,chic look. Therefore I am already considering that one of my new years resolution is gonna be that I am definitely taking some of this chic look to my everyday (okay at least weekly) outfits! No Iam going to watch couple of episodes of Entourage and then to bed! I have work again tomorrow! Yeah I know its x-mas! What can I do:) I have to work!!
Merry x-mas everyone!!

Päätin,että voisin kanssa vähän kirjoitella näihin blogeiheni suomeksikin. Vai mitä mieltä te ootte? Tänään olin taas töissä ja täytyy sanoo,että jouluaikoina ihmiset ei hirveesti ihmisten mielissä pyöri joulurauha! Oon ite kasalla duunissa ja täytyy sanoo,että oli tosi haastavaa pitää se ilonen ilme kasvoilla!! No se siitä valittelusta. Huomenna on jouluaatto ja lupaan,että voisin laittaa pari kuvaa sitten illan juhla-asusta. Toivottavasti päivästä ja illasta tulee lepposa vaikka oonkin kaheksasta yhteen töissä ja joudun kuskailemaan sukulaisia edes takas :)
Mutta jos en kerkeä postailla huomenna niin hyvää joulua kaikille! Nauttikaa ja levätkää :)

Monday, December 22, 2008


I love these photos! Specially I love the first picture. I really want that gorgeous hat!!!
All the pictures are from Vogue (Russia and UK)
What do u think?

Saturday, December 20, 2008

All of the girls and boys here in Paris

Sunday Inspiration:

This is a look that I would like to have 24/7. This girl looks chic,hot and casual!

I love sun,ocean,white sand!! I want to go to the beach!!

I´ve been working a lot lately! Luckily I only have two weeks left :) Anyways yesterday I finished my ripped jeans and tomorrow there will be photos of them! Yesterday I hanged out with my girlfriends. I actually haven´t had that much fun for a very long time:) First we went to see our friends hockey game then we went to my friends place had a couple and played this really funny games and after that we went out! Perfect girls night!
Now I am really lookig forwards to the new years eve and the party that we are gonna have couple days before that :) How was your weekend?

P.S: Why can´t I post my polyvore stuff here? Do u have any problems with it too?

Now playing: Paris is Burning- Ladyhawke ( amazing kiwi (New Zealander)artist )

Friday, December 19, 2008

Google Revenge you get Blair Waldorf.com

I love jeans! I own so many pairs but I always tend just to use the ones I like the most! Know I´ve decided that its time for little change so I´ve started to work on the ripped jeans look! I got my inspiration from Erin Wasson,Linn Gustaffson and LeFlassh (this amazing Aussi blogger)!
Hopefully my jeans will in the end look half as good as their jeans are.
This evening I will be watching Gossip Girl,go and buy the last x-mas presents, rest and work and clean my closet! Have a great one :)


Thursday, December 18, 2008


I love this jacket! Next year I wanna buy the canadian goose jacket.. its amazing

Once again I am going to post some of my favourite streetstyle pics! I just can´t get over how inspiring they are. My daily streetstyle websites that I love are:The Sartorialist,Altamira NYC,Stockholm Streetstyle,Copenhagen streetsyle,Hoy Fashion, Jak& Jil blog, Style and the city Paris, Garance Dore,face hunter. Furthermore chictopia,lookbook and fantastic Cobrasnake are big sources of amazing style! Today I had my first day without no work or anything like that! Gosh I´ve forgotten how nice is just sometimes to relax! I hitted the gym and packed all the x-mas presents! Have u bought all of your presents already?

pics:from Altamira NYC

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Backstage pass to modelville!!

There will be heaps of colour in the spring collections. DSquared had this whole seventies theme! I really like the turquoise make-up. Usually Iam very basic with the colours but splash of some bright colour would look great in the summertime!

Monday, December 15, 2008

J´aime Vogue de Paris

I absolutely well in love with this editorial when I bought the Vogue Paris august 2008. It´s called The Reality Show part 2. It shows nicely how one could wear those amazing pieces that you see in magazines. So there is both real way and magazine the way of wearing these pieces presented in this issue. I like it a lot! The style of the shoot is something that I really like and I kind of "tend and want" to wear. I posted only to picture of the magazine way otherwise this post would have been way too long. I had to post all my favourite real way photos cause they r gorgeous! Which magazines do you guys read? I always buy all the Elle UK:s,Vogue Paris and read the Vogue uk and Instyle uk from my big sister.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Model Streetstyle

So simple but oh so gorgeous!!