Monday, August 17, 2009

Come on it, get on it I'm carving thru a letter bomb I need it, like potions

Amazing trio Sascha Pivovarova, Natasha Poly and Anna Selezneva!
By the way yesterday it was the last day of Flow music festival. Damn it was amazing to see Lily Allen,Fever Ray,Jenny Wilson and other great artist. Pictures and videos of that will be posted here as soon as I get my camera back from my sister!



Anonymous said...

erika nyt kuvia myös susta !

Anonymous said...

where has the musicplayer gone? I loved it :D

erikas said...

anonyymi: Haha:) Joo voishan sitä jossai vaihees pistää! Sori on vähän jääny ku töissä on vaa nykyää päivät pitkät:D

anonymous: Well I just got sick of it a while ago! But now I have heaps of amazing songs that I would want to share with you guys:)