Sunday, August 2, 2009

staring at the sun oh my own voice cannot save me now standing in the sea it's just one more breath

Have a fantastic Sunday! I am off to a music festival with my big sister. Can´t wait to see The National and TV on The Radio.Check out the links if you haven´t heard of them before!

TV on The Radio-Crying
The National- Fake Empire


pics: tfs,fffound


Luis said...

hi... i don´t know how i get here, but i like your phrase "dream of who you are, and wear it", nice bands hope you have a good time, bye.

greets from latin america

Solo said...

Sounds fun! Enjoy! ;D

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Marcelo F. said...

hey, i was just googling "staring at sun, standing in the sea" the quote from Tv on the Radio, i wanted some pics to put on my blog and i came down to yours!
i really liked it, hope we can chat some time!

great job, great blog!

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