Sunday, July 12, 2009

Baby don´t hurt me no more

Rome part 2.
On Friday we headed to Vatican. It was just a few metro stops away.

Saint Peter´s church alias Basilica Papale di San Pietro

Me and my sister in the church

My family in the Saint Peter´s church

After seeing the church from inside we decided to walk 550 steps to the top of the church. That was some good morning exercise!

But the view was gorgeous! Definitely worth of all that climbing!

Almost on the top of the church:D Victory!!

Haha what do you think of my Aladin look? I had some harem pants,white top,gladiators, a scarf to hide my shoulders and gladiators

To be continued...



mice said...

Really adorable photos! ;)

stephanie said...

w o w incredible views and i love the art! Europe is just gorgeous. i need to get to italy. the italian rustic vineyard/countryside is a d r e a m.


Hanna said...

oii haluan niin tuonne ikuisuuden kaupunkiiin! mutta ihan hyvää tänne :)) alan nyt pikkuhiljaa kotiutua tosin ekat päivät perheessä oli kamalia kun vasta silloin tajusin etten nää omaa perhettä niin pitkään aikaan. awww täällä on ihania kauppoja :DD ja mulla oli koulun kanssa bolemiikkia mutta meen katoliseen tyttökouluun mikä on yksityinen. haluisin vaan että koulu alkais niin sais lisää kavereita :)

Steph said...

im from ny but i was just in rome a few weeks ago - st peters looks so much more empty than when we went. im in love with the picture inside with the light coming in from the windows! and i love the scarf you are wearing =)

Tjejsajten said...

Looks like so much fun! We'd be glad to give you some Thailand tips, we definitely know how to have a good time haha! Send us an email at and we can email you all our favourites -- probably too long for a comment box, and possibly inappropriate? Haha!

xx Meg & Lana

Emily Hill said...

I love you're Shoes and I love Italy !!

New n the blogoshpère :

Thanks, bye, kiss

A said...

tosi kivoja kuvia =)