Monday, July 27, 2009

Girls Night Out

Last Saturday I went out with bunch of my girlfriends! Couple of the girls came to my place to get ready and once again my lovely friend helped me out with my make-up and hair! Unfortunately my weird hair couldn´t stay curly so in the end of the evening I had a straight hair:D
How was your weekend?

It took all these to reconstruct my face:D

Getting ready...

Looking good, aye?

Here is the gang that gathered to my place for some drinks! I made my versions of sex on the beach and Caipirinha drinks!



Anonymous said...

Looking gorgeous :)

Stephanie said...

you all look gorgeous!

love the curls in your hair and the hot pink polish is GORGEOUS!!!

and your beauty counter in the first shot is basically my the associate beauty editor lol!


Hanna said...

aaw näyttää kivalta :)) chanelin meikit on parhaita!!

mandi said...

i really love your outfit, the colors look great together. also interesting how you curl your hair..i just use an iron..looks good though maybe i'll try it!

Anonymous said...

ootpas sievä näissä kuvissa! :) mistä toi ihana keltanen toppi on?

fashionable palette said...

you are so cute! I love how you did your hair :)

bernadette said...

looked amazing .. love the curls, perfect :)