Tuesday, July 7, 2009

How'd you like the sound of those four letter words?

My holiday in Rome part 1:


Gosh Colosseum was truly an amazing.

True tourist in The Spanish Steps

Fontaine de Trevi

During our 5 days vacation we probably climbed over thousands of steps

Fontaine de Trevi by night time

Reading the map by Joey style:D



Anonymous said...

gorgeous photos!

sarah said...

looks amazing. im so jealous! that last photo is so great xx

Hanna said...

aaaw haluun sinne!!

Made In The J.L.A. said...

You took some amazing photos! I forget what the 5th one down is of, but it's beautiful.

Anonymous said...

upeita kuvia :) haluun roomaan!

stephanie said...

gorgeous pictures! and i adore your outfit!!


electric feel said...

looks pretty amazing

escort marbella said...

Goodness, there's so much effective info above!