Monday, July 20, 2009

Uno dos tres cuatro

Rome part 3:

Me and my sisters!

Piazza Navona

Piazza Navona

Me and my little sister walking around the streets of Rome

Castle Sant Angelo!

Mi Amore: Gelato! So good:)

The mouth of truth:)

So that was pretty much the short version of my vacation! I´ll be back with other posts but for the couple of last weeks I´ve been enjoying of my summer and I´ve just come home to sleep and to change clothes:D I´ve been hanging out a lot in the sun,eating out,checking out some movies,swimming in some cool lakes and of course partying. For example saturday night I went out with my friends to celebrate that me and my friend got a job:) I am gonna be working with two of my good friends! How cool is that:)
But I am starting to work this week so now I will have a bit more time for blogging again!

How has your summer vacation been so far?



emma said...

wow wow wow I hope you know how lucky you are chick! so beautiful there.

stephanie said...

gorgeous pictures!! oh how i miss summer vacation and travelling with the family- so busy with work now, it never happens!

and when i was younger, i never appreciated it enough!!


Daphné said...

Great pictures! I adooooore your dress!

Anonymous said...

tiedäthän et toi otsikko on espanjaa....? ps rooma ei mun tietääkseni kuitenkaan sijaitse espanjassa