Thursday, October 8, 2009

Don´t upset the rhythm..

Very rarely I see celebrities wearing outfits that I absolutely love. Seems like the models,artists and bloggers are my inspiration nowadays. But hey here are some cool celeb looks that I really like! What do you think about them?

Leighton Meester in Louis Vuitton fashion show,Paris. I really love the floral dress & vest combination and the black socks aren´t bad at all with this look!

Rachel Bilson looks amazing in the blazer and those cool boots. This is something that I would wear.

Last spring I used an outfit that had the same coulor scheme.. I adore this!!

Usually I don´t like what Lindsau wear. It´s just usually too slutty for my taste but I absolutely love this. The vest is one to die for and I actually I would wear everything what she is wearing except I don´t think those sunnies are horrible!

These Lauren´s and Leighton´s outfits are casual but I just love how the high-heels make a huge difference to it! Damn I just wish I could use my high-heels more...


Anonymous said...

I agree totally with you! The outfit of Leighton Meester is fantastic!

Best greetings from Cologne, Germany


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Dominique said...

I love Leighton, I love Rachel and I absolutely love Kate.

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Poupées de la réalité said...

like your blog a looot !
i'll follow you ;)