Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The starlight I will be chasing your starlight Until the end of my life I don't know if it's worth it anymore

Today´s Inspiration!
I am really into these kind of shirts!! I just wanna stack my wardrobe with this things! Oh and I have really great news! I just gotta acceptance letter to an university in Virginia, USA!! Yey,so I am so excited I will be moving to USA with my friend next april!! Big chances will be happening soon!!



Kinja said...

Vau toi yliopisto ! Onnittelut =) !

Ps. Mitkä sun pääaineet on ? :)

Stefani said...

Oh, how fun! what are you studying?

Nikki S. said...

Congratulations! (:

erikas said...

Kinja: Kiitos! Meen businesstä opiskelee:)Varmaan sitten keskityn johtamiseen tai sitten global marketin managementtiin! En oo viel sitä päättäny.

Stefani: Thanks! I will be studying business! I am so excited!!

Nikki S: Thank you :)