Sunday, October 11, 2009

So I'm saving all my secrets

My fall 2009:

This fall has been way different! For the first time I aint studying and I pretty much all my time working. I am so sorry that I haven´t had so much time to dedicate to my blog.Furthermore rarely I have my weekends of so therefore I haven´t been doing much special stuff. I´ve just been relaxing with friends, hanging out in cafes and restaurants and ofcourse I´ve been going out! But now I am going back to reading my book and magazines! Next week I will make a post about all the cool clothes that I´ve bought recently!

My favourite part of the city!

Last weekend was my first weekend of for weeks! Yey!!

Hanging in the park!

Going out with friends..

Picture from the Flow music festival!



Ellie said...

nice pics... but you've made me want a weekend off now!

Solo said...

Great photos you have here. Thanks for sharing. ;D

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Daphné said...

Great photos, I love your outfit in the 2nd picture : gorgeous!