Thursday, June 18, 2009

I don’t wanna work today Maybe I just wanna stay Just take it easy cause there’s no stress.

Last Tuesday I wen´t out with bunch of friends! We all had heaps to celebrate. Here are some of pictures that we took before heading to my friends flat and before heading to the bar.

Also I treated myself with new pair of shoes:

I absolutely love these shoes! What do you think? :)


Have a great midnight summer! I am heading to our summer cottage right now and I will be back on Monday!


Styledrop said...

ihanat kengät! Haluaisin nuo nudena!

thefashionkiwi said...

I want those shoes!!!!! lucky girl.

love the fashionkiwi

Hanna said...

aaw kauniita kuvia! oot muuten tosi nätti, sussa on jotain samaa kun skinssin effyssä :))

Sanni said...

oi tosi kiva tuo hiuspanta!

erikas said...

styledrop: kiitos:) Tykästyin näihin kovasti!

thafashionkiwi: They are great and fantastic to walk with! :)

Hanna: Kiitos!Voi mitä kohteliaisuuksia <3

Sanni: Thanks:) Ostin sen Nycistä tänä keväänä!

Daphné said...

Gorgeous shoes, I really love your blog!

Anonymous said...


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