Saturday, June 6, 2009

Mr Wang

Mr Alexander Wang resort 2010: It´s brilliant! I adore the structure and the colour of this collection. I would love to own this entrire collection cause if I had these clothes I wouldn´t wear anything else!!!

from tfs


Have a great weekend!


Luna Supernova said...

oh wow, mr wang, you've outdone yourself this time *drool*. I love all the the draped pieces.

i hope you're making the most of your summer missy, i'm incredibly jealous, i woke up this morning expecting to have to wipe icicles off my nose!!

Summer said...

Look at those skirts. So cool. Hope to see more of this.Have a great day.=)

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enJAYneer said...

beautiful dress dear! :)

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A** said...

Oh god! I discovered him by Vogue Spain and since then... I'm absolutely in love!!!! his designs are so simply and plain colours! they are perfect!!!!!