Thursday, June 4, 2009

We can remember swimming in December, Heading for the city lights in 1975, We share in each other, Nearer than father, The scent of a lemon drips

J´adore street style. I am sure you all know it already but still have a look at these:

I absolutely love gladiators!! I´ve been wearing them for more than 3 years now and I never get sick of them!! Also the blue blazer is amazing!!

Short jeans shorts will definitely be the hit of this summer!! But that´s not a bad thing it always looks really nice casual chic.

I really love this kinds of special dresses. I am definitely wearing lot floaty dresses and jeans shorts this summer.

Those shoes!! I wan´t them:) Right after my uni entrance exams are over I am definitely treating myself for one of those!

Comfy,rock-chic this is something that I wear a lot these days!

I want her dress and those Louboutin shoes!!



blairwayfarer said...

we are the people that rule the world, right ;D love the song!!

erikas said...

blairwayfarer: Yeah! I absolutely love that song:) Reminds me a lot of MGMT!

stephanie said...

you love gladiators and i recently did a post on how im sick of them- lol! they are convenient and i still wear them but i feel like i need another alternative.


lauren. said...

love every single outfit here! good pickings. did a post about those loubs just recently. theyre amazing. that plaid and cutoff combo has become my summer wardrobe.

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