Sunday, June 28, 2009

I`ve left my heart to you, but it`s not fair

Sorry about of the lack of post but I´ve been really busy with hanging out with my friends! The weather has been pretty amazing lately so basically I´ve been outside 24/7. Different Islands,beaches, summer cottages and BBQ parties have been on my agenda.
Here are some evidence:

In the ferry

In Suomenlinna with my friends

Not a bad place to spent the entire day!

Doesn´t look too bad:) So far this summer has been amazing and I am sure if things keep going on the same way this is definitely gonna be one of the best summers I´ve ever had ( so far:D) !


P.S: How´s your summer been so far?


filthy lust said...

ah jealous!!

Anonymous said...

aw the photos are so lovely, wish I could join!
Your hair looks gorgeous

Hanna said...

ooh aivan mahtavat kelit ja näin mutta viimeinen pakkauspäivä! tai mulla ensimmäinen kunnollinen ja viimeinen eheheee :DD

mice said...

Gorgeous photos! (:

stephanie said...

great pictures! you look so gorgeous!

glad you're having such a great summer!!


Anonymous said...

Uoooh! These pictures bring lovely memories of some wonderful days spent in Helsinki a few years ago... (Sigh)
Beautiful Suomenlinna!
Love, Clara.