Tuesday, June 2, 2009

We lived an adventure Love in the Summer, Followed the sun till night Reminiscing other times of life,

Sunday was the very first beach day of the summer 09! I gotta say it was kind of perfect:)

Like you can see the weather was exceptionally good + 30 degrees and no wind or clouds!

So me and couple of my friends hung out at the beach for more than 6 hours:D
Oh and this was the first ice creams of the summer season!

2x Erika :D

My friends looking so cute!

Can´t wait my summer to fully start. After my uni entrance exams are over my summer vacation can finally start. Only two week of left intense studying! I already have planned heaps of great activities with my mates. Do you have any special plans for this summer?


Hope your week started really well!


Stephanie said...

GREAT pictures!!!

looks like sooo much fun!!!!!

gorgeous bikini and sunnies ;)



Anonymous said...

Ahh lucky you, it's winter time in NZ - it's freeeezing!
Well done on your graduation :)

Anonymous said...

you really like the word "heaps" of something. It appears quite often in this blog.

Anonymous said...
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mice said...

Photos are really lovely! (:


Hanna said...

mun pitää sitten katella niitä kauppoja :)) saa nähdä tykkääkö hostit vaan pahemmin käydä shöppingeillä. ihan kelit kyllä ollu, mutta ääh taitaa olla taas ohi tällä erää. jaksamista viimeiseen luku-urakkkaan