Sunday, May 31, 2009


Getting my diploma! Oh and by the way my graduation speech went really well. I was a bit nervous but still it went really well:)

Teacher congratulating the students

After the ceremony we took heaps of photos outside. As u can see the weather was absolutely perfect!

Daddy,me and my mum!

Those girls in the pictures are my little sisters:)

Some how I really like this picture:) Its very honest don´t you think?

Me and my friends toasting for my academic career:D

Bunch of my friends gathered to my place to start the after-party and somehow there are couple of people missing from these party crew:)

Haha:) Let´s dance! We kind of practiced our moves before leaving to the real after-party in Kaivohuone.

So like can you see I pretty much spend the whole weekend by just having fun:) Today I went to the beach with couple of my friends and while me and my friend were waiting in the ice cream line we were interviewed by radio channel Yle-X! Haha so if anyone heard any girl called Erika talking about ice cream or about the fantastic weather it was me:D



Hanna said...

ONNEA!! mahtavat kelit ja kaikki onneks osu tälle viikonlopulle:DD ja kaikki on niin kauniiita!

stephanie said...


you look stunning- these pictures are great- i love how all of you are wearing beige/white dresses. the weather was perfect- you're so right!


Summer said...

These photos just shown thqt you are all having fun.=) And you are so pretty there.Congratulations! Have a nice day.=) Hope to see more from you.=)

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mice said...

Really beautiful photos! (:

loft in soho said...


Great shots,


Anonymous said...

upeita kuvia! ja paljon onnea :)

erikas said...

Hanna: Kiitos paljon! Joo siis ei ois voinu yhtää parempaaa säätä tulla:)

Stephanie: Thank you very much! That´so sweet!Yeah we Scandinavian love those kinds of colours:D

Summer:Yep,we definitely had heaps of fun! Thank you:)

mice: Cheers! They capture pretty well the whole spirit of the day:)

loft in soho: Thank you:)

anonyymi: Kiitos paljon! Pikku-sisko ja äiti toimi mun lisäksi hyviinä kuvaajina!