Friday, April 24, 2009

Around the world

I received a nice challenge from Leoona. So I had to choose 5 places that I would like to visit.So here are the 5 amazing places in the world that I would like to visit one day.( The sooner the better:D )

I gotta say it wasn´t too easy to pick these places because I pretty much wanna explore the whole wide world!
I´ve gotten the chance to visit in heaps of wonderful places. So far I´ve been in these countries US ( Hawaii,LA,NY and Florida), Scotland,Sweden.Latvia,Portugal,Spain,Mauritius,Thailand ( heaps of times), France ( Paris),Denmark,Dominican Republic,Australia ( Sydney) and I lived in New Zealand for a year.

Anyways here are some countries I´ve dreamed of visiting for so long....

5. Japan

I´ve been faschinated by Japan for such a long time and I really wanna explore this country one day!

4. Canada

I am sure that Canada would have lot to offer me. I heard of lot of good stuff about this country while I traveled in New Zealand. I am sure the nature in this country is breath taking!

3. Australia

Well I´ve been in Sydney but I really wanna see rest of this country too. Tasmania,Great Barrier and so on are definitely on my list!

2. Africa

Since a little girl I wanted to visit here ! Also my host family were originally from there so after hearing about all the great stories I´ve been wanting to go there even more. Hopefully one day I will get to go there:)

1. New Zealand

Yeah I know I kind of have already been there but hey that doesn´t change the fact that I wanna go there again. To be honest I would wan´t to move there and that has been the plan ever since I left the place....



-- agnes yvonne said...

You have great musictaste :)
Nice blog :)

stephanie said...

this is such a great post!!

you've traveled so much already to so many places, it's g r e a t.

I would love to go back to New Zealand and see more (i was in Auckland for abt a week).

in 2005, i backpacked almost all of Australia. half way up the east coast, in airlie beach, i met pple who had a car and were road tripping through the outback and then south to Victoria i jumped in. Best four months of travelling and im soo glad i did it. esp cause i think my backpacking days are o v e r now lol.

I also went to fiji on that trip.

I'd love to go to China. See the Great wall (and picture Karl hosting the Fendi show there) amongst other things. I seem to attract pple who are obsessed with Africa. my best friend lived in Tanzania for most of last year, another friend lives in Uganda. Another friend's going there this summer.

I would love to see Cape Town. l o v e to.

and Italy. A long table in a vineyard on the Italian country side with great friends, and red wine and amazing food and long flowy summer dresses, bare foot- it's kinda my d r e a m trip right now.



Alexandra said...

Ooh such nice places! It;s great that'd you've done so much travelling. I highly recommend Tasmania, and Victoria because I live there.
And Canada is just amazing!
I would love to see some of Africa, just need to find a travelling partner for that one.

mig said...

WOW! Olet matkustellut mielettömästi. Itse suunnilleen samanikäisenäkään en ole päässyt matkustamaan edes murto-osaan noista paikoista :( Olen kyllä vähän kateellinen.
Miten olet matkustellut noin paljon? :) Ehtiiköhän sitä itsekin loppuelämässään noin paljon matkoille, voi.
Upeita kuvia ja paikkoja olet valinnut.

erikas said...

-agnes yvonne: Thank you:)I am glad to hear you like it!

stephanie: Thank you:) After all the hard work of making it I wasn´t that sure that if this post was even that great:D But you´ve been backpacking so cool!There is so much that I would like to know about! You mind if I´ll ask you couple of questions?

Oh yeah China and Italy are definitely on my list too! I also dream about spending a summer in Italy with flowy summer dresses,drinking wine with friends and driving through the country!


Alexandra: Oh you lucky girl! Couple of my friends have been in there and I´ve seen heaps if fantastic pictures from there:) Once again gosh you are such a lucky girl to live in that beautiful side of the world:)

mig: Joo tosissaan olen todellakin etuoikeutettu ku oon saanu mahdollisuuden reissata näin paljon! Meidän perheessä tosissaan matkustellaan paljon ja itellä mulla on aina hirveet säästöt seuraavia matkoja varten:D Käytän rahani mielummin matkusteluun kun esim. joka vkl baareissa hengailluun tai turhien asioiden ostamiseen! Matkailu on niin paljon antoisempaa:) Eiku säästötili vaa pystyy ja sitte selailemaan eri matkakohde vaihtoehtoja:)