Sunday, April 5, 2009

We'll walk around Pretending we're all grown up Hey, rich girl! Well, can you tell me why You're so stuck up?

Sunday inspiration:

Today I had a quite relaxing day. I studied for a couple of hours and then in the evening I watched one fantastic movie called Into The Wild! It was so such an inspiring and meaningful film. Well that´s no surprise when Sean Penn directed and made the script of this film ( based on a true story). If you haven´t seen this film before and you are in the mood for something that really makes you wonder of the meaning of life this is a great film for that.
I wish that I one day ( maybe soon) could just pack up my backpack and just travel across the world.

Hope u all had a great weekend

xx Erika


Hanna said...

ahh kauniita kuvia. leffa alkoi kiinnostaa ihan sean pennin ansiosta!

Stephanie said...

i love Into the Wild and i totally know what you mean about it being so inspiring!!!

I love the top two pictures here.

Ive started following your blog with bloglovin' as opposed to the blogger following tool- its just much easier since all the blog im obsessed with i follow on bloglovin' :)


♥ fashion chalet said...

oh my goodness, gorgeous, very few girls can pull off that high tight bun and she kills it. LOVE THIS!

Aw, you're so sweet, I use Garnier Fructis conditioner, I flat iron with John Freida creams and products and drink lotssss of water. I'm also partial to eating fresh fruits & veggies as snacks throughout the day, which supposedly keep hair shiny and healthy. :]


LoveMore said...

omg hon i thought that was YOU in the first pic! this model is STUNNING! great share. and into the wild is amazing isn't it!

thanks for your comments - glad you had a nice day :)


leflassh. said...

ooh these are fab.
i love the buns so cute.

sarah said...

love the hair x

raspberrycake said...

I probs should whatch that movie then since everyone seems to think its great ;) Have you seen the movie Big Fish? If you havent then you really should watch it! Its so awesome! :)

Muute ku sul on toi arvonta meneillään, ni millä perusteella sä otat lukijan suomalaiseks et se niinku osallistuu siihen? :D Koska mul tulee luonnostaan kommentointi enkuks jos teksti on enkuks ni mietin vaa et otathan munkin kommentit mukaan laskuun :D

Anonymous said...

Pitää laittaa leffavinkki korvan taakse :) Löysin muuten ekaa kertaa tänne nyt ja taidan kyllä tulla toistekkin!

erikas said...

Hanna: Joo suosittelen sitä leffaa ehdottomasti! Kyll siit ehdottomasti huomas,ett Sean Penn oli tehny sen leffan:) a Real quality film!!

stephanie: Yep! Doesn´t it encourage u just to pack up and leave your materialistic world behind? I really wanna go and explore the world but I guess I am little scared to do it in the real way!

fashion chalet: Thank you! Well I am definitely gonna start to eat more fruits!!

lovemore: Oh thank you sweetie<3

leflassh: I totally agree! I love buns:) I might even wear it too often:D

sarah: Nothing wrong with a bun:)

raspberrycake:You definitely should see it! Yep I´ve seen Big Fish and actually we have it on dvd!! It´s a great film:)

Joo laitan sut laskuihin arvontaa varten:)Perjantaina arvon sitt voittajan!

annab: Kiva kuulla:) Löysin sun bloginki vasta nyt ja täytyy sanoa,että mäki alan vierailla sun sivuilla tasasesti!!