Thursday, April 2, 2009

Nyc Part 2! I wanna go back!!!

Brooklyn Bridge! I loved all the NYC siteseeing´s ! Specieally the local men were ggggreat!!

Sex and the city tour: Magnolia Bakery´s cupcakes!

Yummy Magnolia Bakery cupcakes! I am definitely making those by myself:)

Sex and the City theme continues! The Paris cinema. Can anyone guess in which episode it was presented?

Carries doorstep!!

American School buss! Zero days for me in school left!! :)

Me jumping in Central Park

Picture from Sex & The City tour! Can you guess witch location from the Sex & the City movie this is?

Rockefeller Center Building

Henri Bendel! I absolutely adore this store; I bought two headbands from there:)

Bryant Park

A Laundry dress that I tried in Saks Fifth Avenue

Today didn´t go according to my plans. I was supposted to wake up 9 a.m instead I woke up 4.30 p.m!! I can´t believe I slept for 18 hours!!!! So no studying in the library today :) but hey hope you enjoyed the Nyc post that I spent making!!
There will be at least two more NYC post coming up! I have like 700 hundred pics from my trip but don´t worry I won´t show them all :) There will be one more post of the City, one post of the all the stuff that I bought. I bought heaps of stuff just to tip you off I bought my graduation dress 4 pairs of shoes, 9 cd´s, two headbands from Bendels, Marc Jacobs bag, at least 6 shirts,Twilight dvd,heaps of lingerie from Victorias Secret and so on...
My luggage was over 15 kg more heavier when I arrived so like you can guess the Shopaholic Erika definitely took over in NYC!! But not all of those stuff were for me! I bought heaps of stuff fro my sisters,mum and for my best friend Oona. You can check what I bought for her from her blog. Seems like she really liked what I bought for her:) Also my sisters were really happy with the stuff that I brought ( one got something special from Tiffany´s )

P.S For my finnish readers! Arvonta on vihdoinkin toteutumassa:) Huomenna pistän arvonnan käyntiin ja se on sit voimassa viikon.Palkinnot ostin Nykista ja ne pääsette sit näkemään huomenna ku arvonta pyörähtää käyntiin :)


raspberrycake said...

Omg I totally adore this post! You SHOULD post all of the 700 pictures! :D And can't wait to see all the stuff you bought!! Your my favourite blogger nowadays, just btw ;)

Delmy said...

looks like you had a blast.
Arent Magnolia's cupcakes good?
I LOOOVE THEM. Especially red velvet

Anonymous said...

ihania kuvia, tahtoo tonne kans :) mistä oot muuten ostanu ton sun nahkatakin, näyttää tosi hyvältä?!

Luna Supernova said...

AMAZING pictures!!! you make me want to go back too!!

those magnolia cupcakes have me drooling.

Anonymous said...

I love NYC!!

leflassh. said...

oh my lord!
i am so very very jelous right now.
you lucky girl.
the photos look amazing!
i wish i could go =[
and you look super stylish .

Stephanie said...

You looked gorgeous, lady :)

What great pictures and it looks like you had a f a n t a s t i c time- no doubt!

Those cupcakes look delish- though I didn't like them as much when I ate them! I prefer good old light and fluffy easy to make Betty Crocker lol

The SATC tour- my god, I know all those locations! I'm obsessed with that show- i watch on average an episode a day lol! usually right before bed!


LoveMore said...

OH OH i am so jealous! i have never been to anywhere in america..well no where o/s really, just a week in penang..

looks like a blast! love the pics :)

thanks for your comments honey..much love

xx bel

Piret said...

Ihania kuvia !! voi luoja miten iski matkakuume :) näytät hurjan söpöltä

Hanna said...

aivan täydellinen tuo kaulahuivi. ahh mitä rakennuksia!

madde said...

just in case you wanted to know, olen ehkä maailman kateellisin ihminen :)
mutta mahtava reissu VARMASTI ja vielä rankan lukion päätteeksi, oi ihanaa!
en malta odottaa arvontaa ;)

ps. tosi kivoja ja rentoja asuja sulla nykissä!

Couture Carrie said...

What fabulous photos! You went to some of my favorite NYC locales, like Henri Bendel and Magnolia!!

Glad you enjoyed and SHOPPED!


erikas said...

raspberry cake: Oh thank you very much sweetie! That comment really made my day:)

Delmy: Oh yes it was really yummy! Gosh I gotta find some cool bakery in Helsinki that would make those wonderful cupcakes:)

anonyymi: Kiitos! Ostin sen Brothers & Sistersista:) Tykkään siitä tosi paljon!!

luna supernova: Thank u! Yep those cupcakes were so good:) But hey you got Mrs Higgings cookies in NZ!! Gosh I miss those cookies so much<3 It was so hard to walk by the little shop in Queenstreet without buying one!!

mariah: Me too! :D

leflassh: Thank u honey:) I was sick through the entire trip but I am happy that it doesn´t show in the pics:D

stephanie: Oh thank you :) The STC tour was great! Even though they didn´t show the Carries street! Luckily I found it accidentally when we passed it near Magnolia Bakery!

lovemore: Thank u honey!Oh I am sure you will visit NYC one day!

piret: Oi kiitos! Mulla taas iski hirvee halu muuttaa taas ulkomaille tän reissun jälkeen:D

hanna: Kiitos! Siis päivät pitkät vaa käveltii ympäriinsä ja ihasteltii noita ihania rakennuksia:)

madde: kiitos! Joo reissu teki tosi hyvää rankan lukio vuosien jälkee ja hyvin se suju vaikka olinkin vielä vähän kuumeessa ekat pari päivää:) Arvonta alko tänää,joten mee ihmeessä vaa kommentoimaa!!

couture carrie: Thank u :) I really loved Saks & Fifth avenue,Henri Bendel & Magnolia Bakery! Unfortunately my bank account didn´t enjoy of my little trips as much as I did :D

Sushi said...

That dress looks gorgeous on you x Sushi

erikas said...

Sushi: thank you:) I am hoping that I would find a similar one in Finland!

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