Thursday, April 23, 2009

On which you find you love it when you twitch You feel that itch in you pettycoat Your pretty pretty pettycoat

Couple of months ago I made a post of this young lady saying that she is finally back and now I am proudly announcing that Mischa Barton is my style icon once again. Well look at these outfits!
They are all fantastic. Specially those black studded high heels and that gorgeous blazer.
I am definitely gonna go thrift shopping next week.
But now I am gonna go and meet a friend.
Hope you all had a great day



electric feel said...

hell yes Mischa is fantastic and Bon Iver too!

Hanna said...

nykyään mischan tyyli paranee vaan :))

I Like Stuff said...

Mischa does look amazing again! (Finally). But, those too-long hair extensions must go.

stephanie said...

she's def. on a comeback roll!!

team mischa lol!