Wednesday, April 15, 2009

that's when i know that you're alone it's cold in the desert water never sees the ground special ones walk on without sound

Vogue Germany February 2009

What do you think of this editorial? I really like this theme. This layered look and the very basic color scheme are great. Especially I like the second photo. The accessories in that pic are to die for.To my surprise the whole turban thing doesn´t even look that bad at all.

Anyways today I had the first day of my preparation course for the uni examination.That was a pretty intense 4,5 hours and after that I went to library to study some more. This all must sound very exciting for you:D
This is pretty much how I am gonna spend the next two months. I got to read at least 7-8 hours five times a week if I even wanna consider studying in uni next fall:)
Wish me good luck! I really just hope that I won´t suffer too much when the nice summery days arrive. I can already imagine how hard it´s gonna be when I will be sitting in libraries and everyone else are tanning and having heaps of fun.



stephanie said...

I l o v e this editorial!
the whole safari and turban thing is perfect with the way it's shot!

Thanks for the Polyvore tip- I tried doing that but doesn't work for some reason with my polyvore collages! I'll try again now that i know there has to be a way!!


Kinja said...

oi tota kamelia, mulla on niihin erityinen suhde :)
ps. ei siis millään härskillä tavalla, oli pakko lisätä :D

Hanna said...

pystyt kyllä todella kontrolloimaan tekemisiäsi. apua kun omat finalssit ja nuo lukemiset lähestyy :S noo kyllä se itsekuri ja motivaatio varmaan jostain löytyy. juu nuissa on mahtava tunnelma!

leflassh. said...

wow her hair and her eyes are so sexy!
and yes hun you can deff use the photos =] thank youuu.

Anonymous said...

mihinmeinaat hakee?

LoveMore said...

WOW i love this ed! her eyes are AMAZING especially!

and would be MORE THAN happy for you to use some pics honey! how flattering! coming from DENISE herself! hhehe thanks cutie.

love love the poly you did below too! the red sunnies make it BRILLIANT! :)

Love bel :) xxx

LoveMore said...

PS - good luck with your exams!!!!!! xxxxxxxx