Tuesday, April 28, 2009

How are things on the west coast? I hear you're moving real fine

Currently I am on a search for perfect maxi dress! Cause my 20th birthday is coming up next month and I am in a desperate need to find a nice dress party. Unfortunately I had a quick look at the shops on Monday and I couldn´t find anything! Anyways nothing that special happening my life just the same old studying,catching up with friends and so on. But after the uni entrance exam I am sure things will get much more interesting! I am already very excited about the family trip to Rome which will be happening in the end of june! Yay:)

Hope you all had a fantastic day!



Hanna said...

ooh roomaan! no voi kateus. maximekko saattais olla toosi hieno. kuitenkin harvempi nykyään pukee niitä ja ainakin olsenit osaa homman ;)

stephanie said...

omgod soooo funny cause i was J U S T gonna post a picture of MK from the same night as the top picture. I love how she styled that dress with the Miu miu clutch- it's gorgeous!


mandi said...

oh god, those maxi dresses are perfect, especially on mk. i was gunna tell you to check out vs.com but they're all halter maxi's, that would be awesome if you could find one with a quarter sleeve though, lemme know if you do cuz i would like one for myself. good luck :)

Anonymous said...

she wears these dresses SO well. these are some of my favorite looks of hers!

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