Tuesday, April 21, 2009

When you hear the beat You wanna pat your feet And you've got to move cause It's really such a groove

It seems like spring has finally arrived to Finland! At last I can wear something else than usual jeans,boots,camise look. Now finally time to get all my favorite clothes into use:) I can´t wait!
Is it weird that I have more summer clothes than winter? and in Finland the weather is always zero degrees or even colder ( at least 70 % of the year).

So now its time to start bribe my little sisters so that I could get more outfit pictures posted.


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Hanna said...

vkl jo over viistoista astetta :))

Kinja said...

Olisiko mahdollista saada kuvaa susta ja siskoista? :)

stephanie said...

lol! heres to bribing them for more outfits pots!!! lol!!!


Tjejsajten said...

Hahaha my wardrobe is filled with little shorts and cute dresses and I live in Canada. . . I think it's a sign! I'm clearly not a winter person!

The girl in the top left corner has been saved in my computer for some time now. I love her fuzzy sweater!

xo Lana

blackbook said...

its finally getting a little colder in australia...so im looking forwad to winter clothes!

Couture Carrie said...

Love this inspirational collage, especially the red booties!


erikas said...

Hanna: Jep,kuulin saman ilouutisen hetki sit!! Jee:) Terassi kutsuu ainaki mua lauantaina!!

Kinja:Saattaapi olla ihan mahollista:) Sainpa tästä kivan postaus idean,jonka voisin toteuttaa vkl:ppuna!

stephanie: Haha:) Yep!

tjejsajten:I am definitely not a winter person either! I thin we should be living in somewhere much warmer:D

blackbook: It´s a funny world! You wanna switch places? :D

couture carrie: Thank you:)It´s my very first inspirational collage!