Thursday, April 16, 2009

I know that she knows that I'm not fond of asking True or false it may be She's still out to get me

In addition to fashion magazines bloggers ( is that even a word :D) are a great source of inspiration. So I would like to share with you some of my favorite blog keepers and their fantastic outfits! These girls really have a impeccable taste!
So here they are my personal blogger muses:

Caroline from
This swedish woman has always to most coolest outfits. She manages to combain the newest trends with her own little twist and somehow she manages to pull of everything off!

Blogger:! This girl from Norway has always to coolest combination and she is the master of layoring.

Blogger: Stephanie from
Stephanies outfits are the perfect example of sophisticated & "the-french-editors-style-used-in-real-life" . Furthermore her blog is amazing!

Bella from
A gorgeous Aussi girl with a good sense of style! Everytime I visit her blog (daily) I always see her wearing that I wish that I could wear ( it´s too cold in Finland to wear those gorgeous clothes).Anyways she dresses exactly like I would dress if it already was summer:)

Another amazing aussi girl! Her outfits are absolutely amazing:) Perfect inspiration for the upcoming spring outfits! After seeing her rip her black jeans I decided to do the same thing to my jeans. Now couple months after that the stores were filled with ripped jeans. She really knows how to pick stuff from the big star muses like Erin Wasson!

Don´t we just all adore Elin Kling!! I don´t think I need to explain why she is so cool:)
She just is!

A women with a great personal style that equals Hanneli Mustaparta. She wears the stuff that everyone else wishes that they could pull off.

She is a swedish girl with a good taste. Very simple and her outfits are always very trendy!


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Hanna said...

nää kaikki on todellisia ikoneita minulle ainakin! näiltä lähtevät ne ensimmäiset vinkit joita täällä kopioidaan. oli muutama uusikin tuttavuus :DD ainakin aussitytöt

Stephanie said...

omgod i die over Caroline- she is amazing all the time and i want her whole wardrobe!

and lady- you are toooo sweet for including me in this feature, i'm honored to be so liked by a girl with such f a n t a s t i c taste.
Thank you so m u c h !!!

I love all the swedish bloggers, so i need to check the last girl out immediately!!!



LoveMore said...

ohhh thank you so much sweetness! so honoured to be here with all of these inspirational ladies :)

happy friday honey!!!!!!!!

xxx love bel

leflassh. said...

you are way to adorable and sweet!!
thanks very much for including me i feel very special =]
and i adore all the swedish bloggers seriously amazing style,

Anonymous said...

I love the first picture with the sexy girl and jeans!!!!