Saturday, April 4, 2009

Drive on Drive on The highway’s bright and long The river’s overflowing The houses burning down

Lately I´ve been really inspired by the most talented young actress called Kristen Stewart. Yeah I am sure your first reaction must be:"Really? The actress who plays Bella in Twilight?!"
Actually she has done lots of movies and the first movie that I´ve seen her in was actually movie called In The Land of Women. She was really good in that movie and therefore I was really suprised that she did such an commercial movie like Twilight. (Don´t get me wrong I love Twilight:) Huge fan of the movie and the books) Anyways after I saw Twilight and heaps of interviews that she did I found her personality and her acting very intriguing. Therefore I Idecided I should check the other movies. So far I´ve seen her in Twilight. In The Land of Women,Panic Room,Cutclass (short film by Kate Hudson) and in Speak. I really like her and I can´t wait to see her in the Cake Eaters and in Adventureland. Hopefully I won´t have to wait too long that those movies will be shown in Finland too.

What do you think of this almost 19 years old young actress?

Pictures from Nylon´s photoshoot

Today´s outfit:

Today I spent almost entire day by running errand for my parents ( I picked up the laundry,I went to supermarket,picked up my dad from the airport and so on) Now I am supposed to read a bit for my economy uni entrance exam and enjoy a nice guite evening with my mum by watching the second season of Skins.Yes my almost 50 years old mum loves Skins!! Well she is an young spirit.Definitely not an normal mum, actually she more like an friend/sister/mum to me:D

Anyways today I had on my comfy jeans from Wrangler, New top from Urban Outfitters,jewlery from Forever21 and I have this wicked pink nailpolish.I had my nails done in NYC and I just can´t get over how cool my nails look nowadays! What do you think of this new colour?


P.S Gosh I wrote a lot today:D


Hanna said...

kristenissä on jotain persoonallista. erottuu ihanasti massatahdistä. muutenkin rakastuin kristenin äänen twilightissa :DD

ihana asu! varsinkin loi lakat :DD

Stephanie said...

p l e a s e come over and tell me what that nail polish colour is!!
I need it in my life and I find it totally brings your casually perfect look up a notch! so cool!

oh! and i love Kristen. She's awesome!


filthy lust said...

woh nice nail polish.

isabelle said...

love your top! Stripes are never wrong!

heyjude said...

Kristen hmm.. Nyt täytyy sanoa, etten ainakaan Twilightissä tykännyt Kristenistä yhtään :< Tuntui, että näyttelijällä oli yksi ja sama ilme koko elokuvan läpi. Mutta totta, vaikuttaa muuten mielenkiintoiselta tyypiltä :) Kivan rento rokkarityyli ja -asenne Kristenillä tuntuu olevan! I like that.

JackieGloves said...

I love your outfit and the colour of your nails! it's cool!

fritha louise said...

i'm still unsure about kristen, i think i need to see more of her films.
love your t-shirt, and that colour is just perfect!

raspberrycake said...

I love In The Land Of Women ! It's so beautiful and Adam Brody is THE GUY for me<3 :D But actually Twilight wasn't supposed to be so commercial as you said, since none of them had really no idea that it was going to be THIS HUGE ;) So I think she likes to make movies that mean something to her and that are really not commercial. :) And I love her too! Tho she does have that one exact face on her quite often :D

erikas said...

Hanna: Sen ääni on ihanan tumma! Kristen on kanssa mielettömän hyvä laulamaan:) Kiitos olin manikyyrissä nykissä ja se ihana korealainen tyttö,joka laitto mun kynnet nii valitsi tän värin!
Kaikki kunnia siis hänelle:)

stephanie: I had my nails done in a beauty salong so I don´t know the colour:( I am gonna try to find the name of the brand and the color!

flithy lust: Thank you :) I like it too! Something out of my usual pics!

isabelle: thank you:) I feel very comfy in black & white stripes! It´s kind of my own uniform/safe choice that I love!

heyjude: Twilight ei ollu Kristenin parhaita roolisuorituksia,mutta kandee kattoo sen muitaki leffoi! Ja onhan neidillä paljon kehittymisen varaa. Kristen täyttää ens viikolla vasta 19,joten onhan sillä hurjasti aikaa vielä kehittyö näyttelijänä:)

jackiegloves: Thank you very much!

fritha louise:You should definitely see some of her other movies:) She was had an small role in the Into the Wild-film and that was a great film! Thank you for your sweet comment:)

raspberrycake: Yep she was great in that movie:) Oh not a bad choise Adam is a gorgeous man!! Yeah and I know what face expression you are talking about:) she has uses that quite often but hey you gotta give her some credit she´s only 19 years old!! :)