Saturday, April 18, 2009

Let's dance to joy division, And celebrate the irony, Everything is going wrong, But we're so happy

It´s already weekend! How didn´t I realise that before! Hope you all are having heaps of fun and enjoying your free days :)

Vogue US February 2009

Today after studying in library I drove to Helsinki to pick up my Flow- Festival and to buy some new cosmetics from Stockmann. I bought a foundation from MAC and new nail polish from O.P.I the color is called You´re a pisa work.
Tonight I am planning to spend a relaxing evening by studying a bit,cleaning my room and watching Skins!


Have a great weekend you all!


Kinja said...

Pakko myöntää, että olen tosi vakuuttunut sun musamausta ton yläreunan soittimen perusteella :)

Piret said...

täydellistä kynsilakkaa :)

Hanna said...

ohh 8) flow sinne haluisin kyllä mutta joskus sitten..

stephanie said...

i'm on this nude nail polish kick and the colour of your foundation would be my ideal polish lol!

Have a good evening!!


filthy lust said...

O.P.I + skins yay.

electric feel said...

that's electric nail polish
i watched the whole weekend season 2 of skins and i think it's better than season 3!! The end is sooo sad