Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tape ain't gonna fix it honey It ain't gonna stick Tape ain't gonna fix it honey It ain't gonna stick to you

Polyvore is really every girls dream! This would be perfect outfit for this spring. It really looks like me. The stripy shirt,those wicked sunnies, light colored jeans (must for every spring) and something taylored are a receipe for my kind of spring outfit.

Now I only wish that after over two years of lusting after that Miu Miu bag I would finally one day get it!!

Today I spent the entire day in library studying and in the evening I´ve meeting some of my friends for dinner. Currently I am listening to lot of The Kills its seems to go with my current mood. Does anyone else hate drama and fighting?

"Time ain't gonna cure you honey
Time don't give a shit."

The Kills- Tape Song



Hanna said...

polyvore todellakin on!!

Hanna said...

et ole saanut! yleensä saatan selittää JKL:stä jotain, mutta asun siinä 30km pohjoiseen ja ihan maalla :} oman ymmärrykseni/lyhyen muistini mukaan oot varmaan pääkaupunkiseudulta eikös vaiin :DD tai sit meni väärin

electric feel said...

polyvore is fantastic!
love the balmain shredded jeans
but the price of them......;((

Luna Supernova said...

ugh, i always fall in love with your outfits, real and polyvored haha.

oh cool, a shop here in auckland started bringing out rip-off versions of that skirt in black, like exactly the same style and everything, it bugged the hell out of me. grrr.

Victoria C said...

Mm I love polyvore, this pants are killer. The Kills are awesome, and drama is the worst, hope it gets sorted out! xo

stephanie said...

Drama's pointless. try and steer clear ;)

o m g o d H O W F A N T A S T I C is Bon Iver?!!!!! I honest to god have that song on r e p e a t for the past week!

Polyvore....i;'m currently addicted!
It's like a better version of those paper dolls i used to dress up as a little girl.
I have a few spreads on my blog right now. Question: how do you eliminate the automatic polyvore icon (seen on mine) at the bottom right? I tried to save the montage to my desktop but embedding seems to be the only option.....

thanks for the polish colour!!
My colleague came in today with a neon coral and i thought of yours! I;m on a M I S S I O N to find a similar shade- hers was from Hot Topic in 2006!!!


leflassh. said...

pretty much love everything up there,
the blazer, the jeans the bag!
ah i want to wear all that now .

stephanie said...

You`re so cute!!!

I`m flattered :) Not a problem at all!!


erikas said...

Hanna: Jep! Siis pääsee leikkimään dressing-up:ia unelma vaatteilla ilman mitää häsläystä!Vähän kiva,mä oon tulos Jyväskylää haastatteluun opintoja varten ens kuussa! Sull meni kans ihan oikein asun p-kaupunkiseudull tääl Espoon keskell sellasessa oikein mukavassa pikku-kaupungissa ( pieni arvotus:D)

electric feel: Yeah polyvore is absolutely great! You can always dream and play around with your favorite clothes( that you would have no chance of getting)!

Luna supernova: Oh thank you:)I also hate if you have discovered something totally new and suddenly everyone is wearing/ listening to the same thing!! I feel your pain:)

Victoria: Especially The Kills are brilliant! I discovered them such a long time ago but I recently started to listening them a lot:)

Stephanie: I will! For sure:)Oh I just drag the finished/ published collage to my desktop and then I publish it in my blog. Hope that helps you a bit:) Cool, I am gonna hunt that color for myself tomorrow! Happy hunting my friend:)

leflassh: If we only were millionaires:D