Wednesday, April 1, 2009

NYC part 1.

I just got back from my week long vacation in NYC! I had fabulous time with my friend Senni and I can´t wait to go back to the City one day:) I absolutely adore this city.The people were so nice,the stores and all the department stores were amazing. Me and my friends saw a lot during this trip therefore you will be seeing couple of post of my trip. Hopefully you will all enjoy it!

Senni and me in Empire State Building. Somehow everyone thought we were sisters? Can you see the similarities?

Me in Central Park enjoying the sun

Me in the sex in the city tour!!

We went to Saks and Fift Avenue to look for my graduation dress! Quess whitch one I chose?

I chose this gorgeous blue dress. What do you think?


Me in Bryant Park. Actually some guy took my photo for some NYC netmagazine how cool is that?

How did your week go? Did you have anything special going on?

xx Erika


stephanie said...

ok first of all you look AMAZING!!!
I'm s o not surprised that NY times online snapped your picture!

That h e a d b a n d and that
b a ggggggggggggggggggg! LOVE IT!

also, I adore your graduation dress- the style is stunning and the colour is perfect on you!
I'm sure you will just look
g o r g e o u s!

Isn't NYC the best! I love it in the Spring time and the Fall. looks like you had a great time!


stephanie said...

edit NYC mag's website ;)


electric feel said...

yes you're back
love to see travel pics!!
hahha your week was definitly more special than mine!

äppelblom said...

Mekko näyttää loistavalta!:)

Anonymous said...

ihania kuvia, new york varmastikin on todellakin näkemisen arvoinen paikka :) ja mekko näyttää upealta!

♥ fashion chalet said...

I love the jacket and fabulous chucks with jeans heehee a favorite of mine too. CONVERSE!!! Wonderful headband! I want to go to NYC sooooo bad!! :]


Kinja said...

oii taisi olla ihana matka :)
ps. oon kade nyyh :c

raspberrycake said...

Ph wow these pics ware absolutely fab!!! Love em all! And the dress is the prettiest graduation dress i've ever seen! Love it<3
And you look so beatiful in the pics! :)

Hanna said...

ootinko jo pari päivää malttamattomana että millon pääsen katteleen näitä kuvia ahh<3 kaikki näyttää hienolta ja tyylikkäältä ja mekko myös! more photos needed!

filthy lust said...

wow wow so lucky!!

erikas said...

Stephanie: Oh thank u very much sweetie<3 It means a lot to me!Specially I am glad that you like my choice of the dress!

electric feel: Yeah, I am finally back! Gosh it was weird not to be blogging for a week!

äppleblom : Oi kiitos!

anonyymi:Joo siis suosittelen Nykkiä lämpimästi! Viikon aikana kerkes tutkii Manhattanin tosi hyvin! Hyvät kengät kyll kandee hankkii ku käveltii kaverin kaa sellaset ainaki 10 kilsaa per päivä!Käytettiin metroo vast sit ku oltii tutkittu kaupunki kunnoll nii ettei mitää jääny näkemättä:)

fashion chalet: Thank you :) You really should go there! It´s an amazing city!!

kinja:Joo oli kyll aivan mahtava matka ja matkaseuraki oli loistava! Vaikk reissut koetteleeki ystävyyttä niin silti meill suju tosi hyvin:) Oli kiva bongailla paikallisii miehii ja kierrellä mestoja Sennin kaa!

raspberrycake: Oh thank you:) By the way what did you think of the last skins episode? My little sister and her boyfriend didn´t like of it that much but I found that ending great! Specially the grannyrace was really funny:)

Hanna:Vähä kiva kuulla:)Joo lisää kuvii tulee viell paljon älä huoli! Vitsi mä en malta odottaa sun vaihtari vuotta ett pääsen seuraamaan sun mahtavaa vuotta ja näkee enemmän ausseja sun kuvien kautta:)

filthy lust: Yeah, I can deffinitely say that I am very lukcy girl that I get to travel so much :) NYC was amazing! It was definitely everything that I ever imagined it to be <3

raspberrycake said...

I liked it too! And I totally love cook! :D I've liked him the hole time coz I was so sure that his family sucks and stuff, and he was so cute when he cried in the boat and he was like no one can take effy away from me and stuff! Yf Freddy is so boring :D And yep i laughed my head off with the granny race :D and when JJ won it, it was the best :D and the scene where JJ quit his job and yelled at freddy haha :D
Quite many ppl have complained about that all the characters weren't in the episode, but it had all of my favorites (cook,jj&effy) so i was happy :D

Almost year until the 4th season! Can't wait for it :(