Thursday, May 28, 2009

I've been waiting for a guide to come and take me by the hand..

My very first own dream flat would look something like this...

Some of my books would be on display like always. Furthermore I would always have fresh flowers in my apartment. I love flowers, when I was a little girl I actually used all my weekly allowance to buy flowers to my mum. I did this for couple of years:D

My long necklaces would be used as decorations as well.
I have this kind of thing already in my room.

I´ve already invested into a heaps of different kind of frames and when I get my own flat I am gonna fill the whole place with them and photos that I´ve taken over the years. This has been my plan ever since I can remeber

Every girls dream would be to have a very own closet for clothes but I am realistic so I am just planning to have a nice shelf for all of my shoes & bags. Currently my shoes are all over the house!

In my future flat I wanna have my cd:s, magazines and book nicely organised. I am a girl who loves music and I am definitely gonna make a room for this hobby of mine.

My big sister has this cutest shelf which is actually an gap in the wall. Its so cute and I wan´t to have one in my apartment too.

This is what my dream kitchen would look like. A bit messy but still oh artsy. Specially I would like to have an apartment with brick wall.

Do you guys have these kinds of pictures in your head about your future apartment?



Anonymous said...

ah, ihan sairaaan ihana postaus!!
oon ihan fiilareissa tästä, tuli fiilis alkaa itekki suunnittelee tulevaa kotia:)

Hanna said...

jos ton kenkähyllyn saisin niin sitä rakastaisin! kyllä olen aivan liekeissä :))