Friday, May 29, 2009

"What's the day?" "Whats you doing?" "How's your food?" "How's that song?"

Tomorrows the graduation day! Very exciting
The entire house is tip top clean,the yard looks so pretty, the fridge and cooler are stocked with champagne,cider,beer and wines, my clothes,accessories,make-up are ready to be worn. Now I just gotta get my beauty sleep and in the morning 7 o´clock I am gonna shower, do my make-up and 8 o´clock I am have appointment with a hairdresser and 10.15 I gotta be at the school for the very last time:)

Heaps of pictures will be posted soon as I´ve recovered from the all night long partying:)


Fireworks by Animal Collective has been stuck in my head the entire day! Not a bad thing though,it´s a hell of a good song!


Styledrop said...

Pidä hauska päivä! Ja toi jäökaapin sisältö kuulostaa aika hyvältä!

Stephanie said...

h a v e f u u u n n n !!