Monday, May 18, 2009

Almost Twenty

It´s my birthday tomorrow and according to my plans this is how I am gonna spend it!

7.00 A.MI am gonna wake-up
7.15 A.M My special birthday breakfast will be waiting for me
7.58 A.M My train leaves
8.15 A.M- 13.45 I will be studying in library
14.15 I am meeting my best friend
18.00 Dinner in Bar Tapasta with a other friend

and rest of the evening I am just gonna go with the flow:)


P.S Aren´t these pictures gorgeou!! I wouldn´t really mind if someone bought me new pair of high heels. Unfortunately that won´t be happening this year:D But atleast I am sure I will be getting a new watch and a new perfume:)
You can exept a nice picture post of my real 20th birthday


Styledrop said...

Onnittelut etukäteen! Nuo pinkit olisivat aika herkulliset kesäkengät...

electric feel said...


erikas said...

Styledrop: Kiitos!Joo siis noi on ihan pirun makeet:)

electric feel: Thank you<3