Thursday, May 14, 2009

This is not a game I play,don´t be careless with my hear

Summer is almost here!! Gosh I am so happy about that:) Now I just have work my ass of for another month and then I can finally just enjoy of some nice free time that I haven´t had for years!! Also my birthday is coming up! This Saturday hundred of mine and my friends closest friends are gathering to celebrate us!!!


Currently listening: Birthday- Awesome Republic feat. Leighton Meester


Hanna said...

hyvä biisi! tosin oon jo vakuuttunu sun musiikkimausta. aa noista tulee niin kesäfiiliksiä. ens viikolla jo yli 20 :))

Luna Supernova said...

ahh i'm so jealous, we're steadily sinking into winter here and it's getting VERY cold! haha.

Happy Bithday for whenever that is, i'm sure you'll have a fantastic gathering on saturday.

Uni life is going well thanks, It gets really intense and I get very upset with the workload but then something good always happens and I forget all about work :)

Summer said...

Glad to hear that all your friends are going to celebrate with you friend,wish you a Happy Birthday..;D

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Solo said...

Oh,happy birthday friend.Those are such a wonderful photos,and i love the first one,nice shot.Looking forward on your next post.;D

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electric feel said...

oh wow....i absolutly adore this pics!

Anonymous said...

have a great birthday! i'm looking forward to some time off too... love summer!