Monday, May 11, 2009

scars will heal soon you shrug it off except that you don't

I just absolutely love black & white pictures. They are somehow more intensive and artistic! Anyways today I had my uni preparation course and after that I met my friend for a little errands trip. We both bought our caps for our graduation (lakit lakkiaisiin). They are so cool! The one that we bought is this really fancy which is hand-made and some of the textile is real leather ( some of the graduation caps have like plastic parts) and the lyre ( lyyra) was 14 karat of gold. Cool,huh:D Also I managed to buy a new nailpolish which is awesome ( bright neon pink)! I´ll post some pictures of my graduation stuff tomorrow so you´ll get a little preview what I will look like in the important day ( 30th of may)

Hope you all had a good one


P.S: I gotta share with you this amazing song that I´ve been listening a lot lately. Some might say it´s a bit agonizing but don´t judge it without listening the whole song!
I absolutely love this song because it´s so intense and it really gives me shivers. I could imagine that if I was going through something really painful this song would help me a lot!
The song that I am talking about is Alice Practice by Crystal Castle. Check the song from here


raspberrycake said...

hey was that song on skins 3 or was it some other cc song? that sounded really familiar :) I don't like cc tho, I just get really uncomfrotable when listening to that kind of music :D

Style Porn said...

I love these pictures as well! B&W photography isn't always the most flattering, but it seems like it's the most honest.

filthy lust said...

mk love.

erikas said...

raspberrycake: Yeah I think it was in the second serie:) By the way how have you managed without the usual skins dose:D and did you get my parcel??

styleporn: Thanks:)I am not too familiar with this particular photographer! But these shots are great

filthylust: Yep she is gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

love your blog! Where are the pictures of Olsen from?

miggy15 said...

adore these pictures, and love the style as well. loving the blog erikas! :)

erikas said...

Anonymous: Oh sorry I forgot to put where I found them. These pictures are from

Miggy15 : oh thank you sweetie:) Good to hear that I am not doing too bad job lately!

lauren. said...

i have never seen these before!! so raw and beautiful. thanks for sharing!!!