Thursday, May 21, 2009

Trouble is a friend

This is how I spent my 20th birthday:

6 hours of studying these!

I had coffee with my beautiful friend. Some of you might now her blog: Leoonas

In the beginning of the evening I went to my favorite restaurant with Senni. The food and the company that I had are always really good:)

Here is my darling friend enjoying of the wonderful food!

After dinner we walked little bit in my favorite part of the city: Punavuori.

Then we walked to my car a drove home.

Because the weather was so good we decided to pay a little visit to Westendii

--and we took heaps of pictures:D

Haha :) I was imitating Senni! She was so cute when she was taking pictures<3

Our cute shoes. Senni´s ballerinas are from Steve Madden and mine are from Bianco.

Here are some of the birthday presents that I got: Chloe perfume,Chanel nailpolish,Coconut shower cream,body scrub and a lip butter.

Also I got some underwear,new watch,martini glass and so on:)

Now I gotta get back to my books and the room needs some serious cleaning!! But so far my day has been pretty productive. I´ve studied a bit and I finally made my graduation speech!! I am so relieved about that now I got one thing less to stress about:)



electric feel said...

hope you had a nice day

btw...your presents are all jummy! ;)

jessica said...

oh happy birthday :]
it looks like you had fun !!
and i love the chanel varnie .

Anonymous said...

Hyvää syntymäpäivää!! ja pyrit sä siis kauppiksee?? tai siis niin mä päättelin noista kirjoista :D

Style Porn said...

Wow, Finland looks like such a beautiful place. I hope I get to see it someday (in the summer of course)

erikas said...

electric feel: Thank you! I really had a great day:)Nowadays I don´t really expect to get any gifts so this was really something!

jessica: Thank you! Yeah I have an incredible friend:) I can´t believe she bought me that nailpolish!

anonyymi: Oi kiitos:)Joo kauppikseen pyrin! Toivottavasti jostain päin suomee paikka avautuis!

style porn: Yeah Finland is pretty awesome! Well at least I love it in the summer times:)