Sunday, May 10, 2009

All that Glitters

Currently I am having my well deserved day of from studying. Like you can guess I am having a little Sex and the City marathon. So far my weekend has been great. Friday night I spent with my little sisters,the whole Saturday day I studied and in the evening I met couple of my good friends over a dinner! I really enjoyed this relaxing weekend.
Next weekend is gonna be a little bit different. For example mine and my friends big 20th-birthday bash is gonna be held next Saturday! Can´t wait! Now I just gotta find something to wear:)



stephanie said...

i'm always having an SATC marathon!!

It's my fave series. i watched the movie today.

great stills you picked ;)


erikas said...

Stephanie: Thank you:) The series fantastic! I really love the dvd-box that I bought couple of years ago! But I really need to buy the movie too! My big sister has it and I always borrow it from her