Sunday, May 17, 2009

Trouble will find you no mater where you go, oh oh. No Matter if you're fast no matter if you're slow, oh oh.

Okay, so yesterday I had my 20th birthday party in Onnela. It was a really fun evening and it was so good to see so many friends for a such a long time.
This is what I had on:

Jumpsuit: Forever 21
Shoes: Steve Madden
Headband: from Bendel´s
Jewellery:earrings:from NZ I can´t remember the name of the store,necklace from F21

Here is my gorgeous friend Senni.She came to my house to get ready for the night.Her yellow blouse is from some cool little Boutique in Soho NYC! Isn´t it great?

Here are some pictures from the party. Me and my friend Lilli rented this space for our party (Onni) and after-wards we we went upstairs to Onnela.
Here are Senni,me and Oona! Like you can see during the whole evening I enjoyed loads of coctails:) Well girl can´t say no when someone offers you a birthday drink! Especially when the drink is specially named after you:D
During the beginning of the evening we had heaps of drinks and we sung some karaoke:)
Usually I only sing in my own car and in the shower but this time I made an exception and I sung Rehab by Amy Winehouse with the other birthday girl Lilli:) You might get a picture or video of that later:)

Me + Maria = Trouble!

Here are some of my friends from school.

The birthday girls: Lilli and Me!

Oona bought us very special shot:) I thought it was a hot shot but afterward she told us that we just had Cut brandy with whipped cream( jaloviinaa kermavaahdolla):D The last shot really explains how good it was:D

Here is the beautiful Oona! Doesn´t she look so adorable?!

a Friend offerd a nice glass of shampagne:)

After partying for almost 8 hours we decided to go for a little late night bite! By the way how is the possible that three girls orderd hamburgers and the two guys just watched us while we ate them!! How weird?


P.S :How did your weekend went?


stephanie said...

soo cute! that headband is fantastic on you! it totally makes the outfit!!!


Hanna said...

jumpsuitti on cool! varsinkin ku se ei oo niin yleisesti käytetty vaate :)) olin niin katkera kun ginan samantyyppinen malli oli mulle liian pitkä.

LAURR said...

ihana asu, varisinkin tuo panta vei sydämeni ! :)

Ness said...

the yellow top is so cute!

näme said...

Onnea synttäreiden ja ylppärilakin johdosta!
Minkälaiset paperit kirjoitit? :)