Friday, May 8, 2009

If only sounds were so To guide the doubtful ones Beyond the rough Where not as much is good enough

This is what I would like to wear right now! But instead of this I wore a light blue Ralph Lauren shirt tucked into a black high wasted jeans skirt,black ballerinas and a biker leather jacket.

Hope you all have a nice weekend coming up!



electric feel said...

love this mix of beautiful pieces

stephanie said...

I love the navy jumpsuit with the pink balenciaga!

g r e a t look!


Kinja said...

Kumpa omistaisin tollaisia käsikoruja, jotenkin ne on niin ajattomia ja ihania :)
elikkä suuntaan hooämmään :D

erikas said...

electric feel: Thank you:) This is what I would wanna wear right now!

stephanie: Yeah the Balenciaga bag is amazing! One day I would like to own one in black:)

Kinja: Mä niin halauisin pitää tollasii käsikoruja,mutta kun mun ranne on niin kapea niin kaikki tollaset bangles tyyppiset korut on aina aivan liian isoja:(