Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I don´t have time to go around the shops to find a dress for the graduation after-party so I decided to do some online shopping! Luckily I found this two great dresses.
Here are the dresses that are being delivered from Britain. I just hope that it won´t take too long!
I am planning to wear that white dress in the end of this month. I am gonna graduate in end of this month and I would like to wear that white dress for the after-party in Kaivohuone.
The flower dress is just something perfect to wear in summer. I am sure it will look perfect with my biker leather jacket, gladiators and sunnies!

What do you think of these dresses?



stephanie said...

i love them both! the floral dress will be perfect with a biker jacket!



Anonymous said...

mistä nää on?