Tuesday, December 30, 2008

She doesn´t believe in shooting stars but she believes in shoes and cars

Todays outfit: Black ripped jeans, white t-shirt from GinaTricot
I ripped these jeans like couple of weeks ago and I really like them. Even when my little sister and her boyfriend keep telling me that I look like some stupid emo kid. I personally think that they just don´t know anything about clothes!! What do u think?
I got my inspiration from Leflassh, Linn Gustafson (swedish blogger) and from Erin Wasson!


Hanna said...

well I like those :))

Bella said...

LOVE those jeans... they look incredibly chic!


Anonymous said...

hei, sulla on ihan sikasiisti tyyli, tykkään kovin :) alan varmasti lukemaan tätä blogia. ja noi musiikit mitä tossa on, melkeen kaikki omii lembibändejäniki :D cool.

stephanie noftall said...

Hey , love the jeans and I was wondering what brand they are :)