Friday, December 12, 2008

Hela livet blev en helg

Today we had an special day in school the Lucia day. Its this swedish day that we "celebrate" the darkest day of year.. So we had this parade in which we sang couple of songs. We were dressed in these white capes and we were carrying candel in our hand. It was really pretty.
Tonight I am going out with my school friends.Its the biggest little christmast party in the Onnela!There are gonna be like 3000 people in the place! Lets just hope that the lines won´t be huge!! Have a great night and I will post some picture of the evening when I can!
Have a good one!

xox Erika

Inspiration for tonight! photos cobrasnake


Mel said...

your blog is gorg! x

erikas said...

mel: thank you!!