Monday, December 29, 2008


I´ve been pretty busy lately! I´ve been working and studying and all that kind of borring stuff therefore there haven´t been showing pics that I have taken. But yesterday I had day of and I read the second book of the Twilight series ( Iam totally hooked with the whole serie like everyone else). Between my reading session I went movies with a friend. We saw the Rachel Getting Married it was really good. I think that Anne Hatheway was really good and the whole plot was amazing ( if u like odd movies like me).
We also did some great planning for our trip to New York and ofcourse we had to do some shopping. I bought just one nice top from H&M (saving for the trip)
Thats about it.. Iam gonna continue reading the third book now and I have to go sleep really early.Tomorrow I have to start to work at 6 A.M!! Is anyone else of u bloggers hooked with the Twilight books??



leflassh. said...

your too cute.
and yes i adore the twilight books!
i got all four im reading the third now!

Hanna said...

oh those photos are beauriful! well yeah I'm too hooked by those books. but actually I'm working on the frist one. how did u read one book within one fay?? :DD

erikas said...

Leflassh: thank u :)Oh great! Iam not the only "freak"!
hanna: well once i start reading them I can´t really stop and Iam pretty fast reading:) Now Iam in to third book as well! I have to say that the book are better in english!I dont like the finnish transolation