Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Turn it on, then tear it down

Six things that make me smile

1. Summer and sun!
2. My loved ones and spending time with them
3. music specially when I find some new amazing album/ artist
4. A suprise from a very important person
5. Flipping through old photos ( black and white photos are inspecially gorgeous)
6.balloons and fireworks! and the festivites that ususally comes with them

Thank you for tagging me Le flassh
No I would like to challenge Hanna,fashion chalet,knight cat,honey junkins to write about six things that make them smile!

Actually I really love these pictures! Maybe I should consider of getting an white dress for my graduation??

1 comment:

♥ fashion chalet said...

the 6 things that make me smile :)

hot chocolate
christmas lights
christmas music
sleeping in
SATC the movie!!
candy canes