Monday, December 8, 2008

I couldn`t help myself.... :)

Like I yesterday told you I did some succesfull shopping last weekend! Urban Outfitters,Topshop,Urban Outfitters and American Apparel and I really got along well. Here are my newest members of my closet!
Mary Janes from Dorothy Perkins

Two Grey shirts and a bag from AA

Underwear pink from Urban Outfitters, others Topshop

Alexander Wang inspired dress and necklase from Urban Outfitters

Hat from Urban Outfitters and dress from Topshop

Cool dress from Urban Outfitters!

Make-up I bought from airport MAC mineral powder,eye shadow Chanel

I really did find lot of stuff! What do u think of them?? What do u think of the hat?? Cool or wannabe rocker?? :D

Coldplay plays Yellow In Scotland SECC Arena


SOS! said...

I like the stuff u got from UO, especially the hat and the undies!
xx- LJ from SOS!

leflassh. said...

ahh! you lucky thing. im jelous.
all your purchases are great

leflassh. said...

hey hun!

i have tagged you! do it if you like :)

Hanna said...

ohh I love all chanel stuff <3

Trikoo said...

Voi miten ihania tuliaisia. Haluan haluan haluan! :D