Monday, December 15, 2008

J´aime Vogue de Paris

I absolutely well in love with this editorial when I bought the Vogue Paris august 2008. It´s called The Reality Show part 2. It shows nicely how one could wear those amazing pieces that you see in magazines. So there is both real way and magazine the way of wearing these pieces presented in this issue. I like it a lot! The style of the shoot is something that I really like and I kind of "tend and want" to wear. I posted only to picture of the magazine way otherwise this post would have been way too long. I had to post all my favourite real way photos cause they r gorgeous! Which magazines do you guys read? I always buy all the Elle UK:s,Vogue Paris and read the Vogue uk and Instyle uk from my big sister.


leflassh. said...

i love this ed. its perfect.

Hanna said...

oh god I love bags and those leather pants<3

Bella said...

It's perfect!

Nothing less than LOVE.