Thursday, December 4, 2008

Out hopes and expectations,Black Holes and Revelations

I am off to Scotland! I am so excited about this trip because its been a while I´ve been travelling. ( Sweden in august :D)Though its feels like ages ago! Most of all I am excited about the Coldplays concert hopefully everything will go nicely and I won´t forget my tickets or something..
I hope you guys also will have a great weekend! Finns enjoy of the independence day ( 6.12)!
I will post hopefully lot of nice photos of my little trip! xox


becca said...

i love coldplay!
(and lol i'm not some random person, i was looking at your chictopia, i love your style!)

erikas said...

becca : I love them 2! (obviously I travelled to scotland to see them :D) Haha and I don´t mind random people! I like when people comment! thank u