Friday, December 19, 2008

Google Revenge you get Blair

I love jeans! I own so many pairs but I always tend just to use the ones I like the most! Know I´ve decided that its time for little change so I´ve started to work on the ripped jeans look! I got my inspiration from Erin Wasson,Linn Gustaffson and LeFlassh (this amazing Aussi blogger)!
Hopefully my jeans will in the end look half as good as their jeans are.
This evening I will be watching Gossip Girl,go and buy the last x-mas presents, rest and work and clean my closet! Have a great one :)



Hanna said...

i should learn to use jeans more often. but that blog was awesome. thanks for the tip :))

Mel said...

love these pics. amazing blog ;)hows the xmas shopping coming along? x

Bella said...

Kate looks amazing!

I love it!