Monday, December 1, 2008

Give me your eyes I need sunshine!

Just wanted to share with you my 5 favourite melancholic songs. It might sound a bit depressing if you live in Australia or something. But I am sure that all the finnish people that are "enjoying" of the darkest days of the year will enjoy of them! If u live in a country that sun shines only 6 hours in a day! And its not like regular sunshine because its raining or snowing 24/7!! Seriously these are not a suitable environment for any human being! When you click the song name there is a link to youtube so u can listen the song!

5. The Cinematic Orchestra-To Build A Home

I just love how to song grows!

4. Sigur Ros -Nothing Song

Those who haven´t heard of this song u might recognise it from the movie Vanilla Sky

3. Radiohead -Nude

Radiohead and Thom Yorke its art!

2. Damien Rice- The Blowers Daughter

What can I say! Ladies and Gentlements its Damien Rice!

1. Jose Conzales -Heartbeats

I fell in love with this artist when i saw the lovely Sony commercial! It was very artistic and suited well with the song!


mia said...

i love the music's playing - as i opened your page - please tell me the name of the band..

Anonymous said...

Damien Rice is the best! :D